What Is Royale Fitness?

Royale Fitness isn’t ‘just a gym’, it isn’t a HIIT training, it isn’t bootcamp or anything crazy like that and it definately isn’t a place to go if your only goals are to get toned or drop a few kilos.

We are a group of men and women who believe in pushing the limits and are constantly striving to be the best versions of ourselves across all areas of our lives.

It has been proven that if you are struggling in your body whether it is from being out of shape, not happy in your skin, weak, tired or even injured that it will severely affect other areas such as your relationships, your career or business and worst of all YOUR MIND.

Out of this need, Royale Fitness was born.

You will be surrounded by a great community of like minded men and women who aren’t playing around in their lives and they will be a support system for you to leap forwards also, couple this with how strong and fit we will make you, add in some mindset tools and strategies and you will 10X your life and be ecstatic with the result.

We work with a large variety of people but that doesn’t mean that everybody is welcome.

There are pro/ semi professional athletes who are here to get strong and fast

Grandparent’s wanting to keep playing with their grandchildren

Mum’s wanting to feel like their old self

Young dads fighting against the ‘dad bod’ and regaining their youth to reignite their relationships and businesses whilst LEADING their family

Young guys just wanting to get big and strong

And girls looking to be in their best shape ever for summer or a wedding.

When we say that not everyone is welcome what we are looking for are driven people who are looking to add energy, kindness and passion to our community. Not draining people who are going to bring others down, it is our happy place and we would love it to be yours too if you fit that mold.

Have a read through the blogs for a learning experience like no other

Check out the ‘Our Programs’ tab if you’re serious about starting to turn your body into your biggest weapon

Check out the ‘Store’ tab is you are looking for online training or deals for our Wellness Studio

Book a session in the Wellness Studio section where you can get access to our infrared saunas or ‘float tank’

We will be the best team for you to join if you want to up level your life and take things to the next level.

I hope to see you in our facility soon.

Matt Prince
– Founder