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Infrared Saunas are a special type of sauna that uses light to create heat. There are different kinds of Infrared Saunas and at the Royale Wellness Studio we use the Far-Infrared Saunas.

“Far” describes where the Infrared Waves fall on the spectrum of natural sunlight and are considered to be one of the leading heat sources for contemporary therapeutic saunas today.

Unlike traditional saunas that use heat to warm the air which in turns warms the body, Infrared Saunas heats the body from within. In doing so the stuffy, ‘cant breathe’ feeling you normally see in traditional saunas is eliminated making them a more comfortable and relaxing experience.

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Floatation Therapy uses a sound proof and light proof tank that is large enough to easily fit your body with room to position yourself. It contains water that is heated to the average skin temperature and contains an Epsom-Salt water solution (500kg Magnesium Sulfate). It is this Epsom salt that creates a buoyancy to support and essentially remove the effects of gravity. This leaves you with a feeling of complete weightlessness and allowing your body to completely relax.Float

The benefits from the Float Tank are linked to the deprivation of senses in an environment free from external stimulation, by doing so, it allows for profound relaxation, pain relief and exploration of different states of consciousness.



  • Increases energy
  • Maximises blood flow and distribution of red blood cells
  • Improves athletic performance by accelerating rehabilitation and recovery, and reducing the risk of injury
  • Supports with flushing of lactate, cortisol, ACTH and adrenaline
  • Assists with pain relief and management


  • Induces profound relaxation
  • Improves creativity, alertness
  • Enhanced visualisation
  • Assists with mental clarity
  • Facilitates and increase in alpha, theta and even delta brain waves
  • Enhances self-hypnosis and deep meditation

To book simply download the STUDIO BOOKINGS APP and search Royale Fitness

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